Bulletproof Coffee: A Lawyer’s Best Friend

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bulletproofThere are many health benefits to drinking coffee. Aside from having a smooth, pleasant taste to most people, there are many diseases that can be prevented by making its consumption a habit. In a workplace environment such as a law office, office coffee can have profound implications on how employees chose to spend their time while at work. Having the drink in the office makes lawyers more alert and ready to work in the morning, due to the high caffeine content of most drinks.

The risk of developing type 2 diabetes is lowered significantly with each cup of the drink consumed. Many studies have confirmed this, and the health implications in this regard are vast and reliable. With each cup consumed, the risk continues to lower. The nutrients in the drink contain chemicals that stop the harmful aging production of free radicals, which damage tissues and cells.

The magnesium and chromium minerals found in the drink are effective at helping the body to produce and use insulin, which is why it is so integral to preventing diabetes, which is the incapability of the body to produce and manage its own insulin. Blood sugar levels often skyrocket after eating meals, and thus creating symptoms of the disease.

coffeeThere are no profound health benefits from the caffeine found in the bulletproof coffee, other than that it keeps individuals alert in the mornings. It may slightly affect the way the body metabolizes other foods, but there are no significant studies showcasing its sole benefit to the human body. In fact, it can even raise blood pressure if drunk to extremes. Being a mild diuretic means that consuming this beverage will lead to more urination than normal, if drank with caffeine.

By consuming coffee, the body makes a lot more antioxidants than normal, making it more resistant to infections and diseases, as well as aiding in damaged cell repair. The largest amount of antioxidants are found in freshly brewed coffee rather than those that are more processed or have been sitting for a long time. The immune system is in effect boosted to ward off potential viruses, which can be a boon during the seasonal flu or cold months.

Bulletproof coffee seems to have an especially profound health benefit for women when it comes to heart disease and stroke. By drinking the beverage daily, strokes risks are lowered significantly in women.

Abnormal heart rhythms are also not seen as often in persons who consume large amounts of the beverage. Regular and decaffeinated beverages contain acids that can trigger heartburn for those with chronic indigestion, and is to be avoided especially with other trigger foods for those that are predisposed to its symptoms.

While not as researched as the diabetes statement, warding off particular types of cancers seems to have a place with this kind of beverage. Average drinkers saw rates of liver cancer and cirrhosis decline to almost nothing while they consumed. This is thought to be due to the high urine output when large amounts are consumed, effectively cleaning out the kidneys and liver of any faulty bacterial infections.

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